Financial Projections

If you are seeking funding from a bank or private equity provider you will almost always be required to provide accurate and robust financial projections. Financial projections can also have real benefits when used as a reference against which you can compare your businesses performance on an ongoing basis. By having a firm grasp on your business’ current and anticipated performance you are better prepared for future challenges.


We can work with you to produce financial projections for a wide range of purposes, including:


Funding for start-up costs:- typically you will usually be required to produce three years projected accounts including:- profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow statements. We can also assist you with the production of a business plan.

Funding for capital spending such as:- expansion of your business, acquisition of another business or purchasing new plant, machinery or other assets.


Working Capital:- In times where cash flow is tight, banks will usually insist on the production of financial projections to support any new funding.


Economic incentives and grants: often a condition of such economic support is the production of financial projections.

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