Closure of HMRC’s Old Bank Accounts

21st November 2011


Closure of HMRC’s Old Bank Accounts

Business Link is reminding businesses that HMRC Bank of England accounts closed with effect from 9 August 2011. They are also warning that where businesses use these account details the payments will no longer be accepted. This may result in interest charges if the payment is not received by HMRC by the agreed payment date.

Businesses should use the correct HMRC bank account details, to make electronic payments by BACS Direct Credit, internet/telephone banking or CHAPS.

Where paying HMRC by Bank Giro please ensure that the payslip shows the correct NatWest account details. Payslips containing HMRC’s old Bank of England account details should no longer be used as the payment will be rejected.

Internet link: Business Link guidance

Posted – 21/11/2011