Taxation services

Taxation Services

Here at John M Taylor & Co, we use our extensive knowledge of the tax system to ensure that you don’t pay any more tax than you have to and by taking care of the statutory compliance burden for you we leave you to focus on what matters most to you, the continued development and growth of your business.

Tax planning

Accumulating and retaining wealth is an important area for most owner managers. Tax planning is about selecting the right strategy to help you achieve both business and personal objectives. 
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Corporation tax

By structuring your business activities carefully you can significantly reduce the corporation tax bill and increase your retained profits. 
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Income Tax

Income Tax is chargeable against most earned income including employed earnings, self employed trading profits, dividends, interest etc. 
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Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

When an individual, trust or company sells, gifts or transfers assets at a value in excess of cost price, CGT is often payable on the gain arising. 
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Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Inheritance Tax is payable on the gift or transfer of assets by individuals. A common misconception is that it only applies to transfers on death, however it is also an issue that needs to be considered in relation to gifts made during lifetime. 
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Tax compliance

In an era when HMRC and the Treasury are under pressure to raise finance by whatever means necessary, focus is increasingly shifting to tax compliance. Errors can result in heavy penalties and interest so care in this area is more important than ever.
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HMRC Tax Investigations

Facing a tax investigation alone can be both intimidating and stressful. To ease the worry and help protect yourself it is highly advisable to seek expert advice as soon as possible after you receive notification of an HMRC enquiry. 
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